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SOS Mata Atlântica ” Three little Pigs”

After the innovative campaign “The Forest Is Our Home”, featuring a 360º VR film, DPZ&T agency and Lobo/Vetor Zero once again join forces with Brazilian NGO SOS Mata Atlântica to send out a powerful message for environmental protection.

This new film uses as a starting point the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs, imagining what would have happened after the defeat of the Big Bad Wolf. Once word got out that the brick house could withstand the huffs, puffs and blows of the fearsome predator, every animal in the forest began coveting a similar residence in order to live in safety. The Pigs sniff a great business opportunity and start selling brick house after brick house, with the forest being cut down and replaced with a huge grey, dirty city in the process.

The Wolf, in the meantime, exiled himself at a self-sustaining ranch in what little was left of the woods, along with a tapir and a piping guan. When the smog reaches their pastoral retreat the three friends decide to go to the city, taking their music and the magical seeds that will bring the green back to the place. This shows the other animals that it’s possible to combine the comforts of urban life with respect for the environment.

Directed by Guilherme Marcondes, this musical fable about second chances and group effort is told through 3 minutes of digital 2D animation, with the irresistible flavor of 1930s cartoons.

Red Balloon “Fun Castle”

Red Balloon is an English school where children learn in an enjoyable way through experimenting with various activities: music, theater, cooking, singing and many more. CP+B agency commissioned Lobo to create an animated film representing all that in a playful, charming way.

The tale that unfolds in the film shows the symbol of the school, a red balloon, flying around the city while making several children’s dreams come true: a group of boys and girls playing with make-believe musical instruments becomes a rock band performing in front of the Palace of Westminster; a girl playing tea party with her teddy bear becomes winner of first prize in a contest in Canada; and so on.

The animation was produced entirely in 3D, with an art direction that simulates the shapes and textures of clay sculptures, giving the film a tactile, warm feel.


ARTBIT is an idea inspired by a decentralized philosophy; an innovative platform that allows for direct compensation to individual artists and creative entrepreneurs. To illustrate this idea we took a ride on the rich universe of urban streets, yes we like Keith Hering!. The objectiveness of the colors and textures from street signs mixed with the explosion of styles inspired by the Memphis Design movement was our guideline to cover the complexity of the subject. 

C&A “Love in Every Color”

In a partnership with CuboCC agency, Lobo closed the year 2017 with a very exciting project: developing the visual concept for the street-facing windows of the C&A clothing store located at Iguatemi mall, one of the most important focal points for fashion and marketing in the city of São Paulo. That concept should also extend to a short film, in an organic, integrated way: shop windows become film and the film becomes shop windows, telling a Christmas story that spanned across all media.

The story we proposed is a flight towards love, with levitating mannequins traveling across the walls that divide the three sections of the display until they reach a giant, pulsating heart that represents the spirit of love and companionship of Christmas.

The windows themselves worked as settings for the film, which brings to life the action that’s implicit in that tableau, frozen in time. The protagonists are two models, a man and a woman, characterized as mannequins that gain life and set forth towards the big heart that awaits at the end of the journey.

Along the way they interact with each other and with the visual elements that make up the scenario. By alternating between medium shots and close-ups that focus on details of those interactions, we managed to convey a sense of intimacy and closeness with the film, as well as a wealth of colors and textures.

“Imaginary Friends Society” Blood Transfusions

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is an organization that helps fund research to find a cure for pediatric brain tumors, and offers support to thousands of children suffering from brain cancer. They teamed up with RPA advertising agency to create a group of fun, fictional characters called the Imaginary Friend Society, in order to make cancer treatment less scary and intimidating for a child. Those characters would star in a series of fun, light-hearted videos that demystify parts of the cancer treatment process, delivering important information while also providing a buffer shielding kids from the upsetting realities of cancer care.

Lobo was chosen to produce one those videos, explaining why a child who’s undergoing chemotherapy needs to experience regular blood transfusions. The Imaginary Friend who hosts this segment is a robot tyrannosaurus called Mr. Spikes, who tells all a kid needs to know about red and white blood cells and the reason why they need to be replenished by blood transfusions.

Lobo’s creative team suggested using as metaphor a video game scenario, with the blood cells as the heroes. This approach helped establish an immediate connection with the target audience, giving the Cells a more prominent role while remaining true to the essence of the original idea.

The look of the Cells was also devised with the intention of bringing them closer to the children’s universe. That’s why they were portrayed as kids wearing large red and white spherical helmets, a simple, straightforward visual device that gives them a friendly, relatable appearance.

Being the part of the protection mechanism against harmful intruders, the White Blood Cells were characterized as black belt karate fighters, which presents a more disciplined, not too aggressive take on the idea of self-defense. The Red Blood Cells, for their part, are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body, so they are portrayed as agile, parkour-skilled couriers.

Vika’s Dream

Vika’s Dream is based on a true story , Vika is a young girl that lives in Jakarta – Indonesia, where she faces a lot of problems with the city floods, today she is part of a group from Unicef called the Power for Youth, a group that empowers young people on poor communities to fulfill their dreams. Vika dreams with the possibility of becoming the president of her country so that she can overcome the challenges that affects herself and her community.

Our Movie is about a dream come true. We’ve developed an imaginative aesthetics that involves the watcher in a dream. At the same time we recreated classic live-action movie techniques, such as the Dolly-zoom, Anamorphic Flares, Lighting and other details that brought reality to this dream.

The fun challenge for the production team was to work scattered throughout the globe dealing with 3