Eeny Meeny Miny

This spot is part of the campaign for the launch of the new Fiat UNO, created by Leo Burnett. The focus of this commercial is on the choice of colors available to the buyer, hence the use in the soundtrack of the Portuguese equivalent of the popular children’s counting rhyme. This concept is also represented by the use of a varied palette of bright colors, and a modular, cubic visual motif. The cubes also relate to the new design of the car, symbolized by the paradoxical concept of the “rounded square”. This was the biggest revamp in the car’s design since its inception in 1984, updating its style without losing the original, charming “boxy” feel. The whole spot was created in CG, using Maya and After Effects, the only live action element being the driver at the end.

Stills & Concept Art

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Leo Burnett
Production Company
Lobo / Vetor Zero
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos & Nando Cohen
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
Thomas Miguez
Director of Photography
Walter Carvalho
CG Directors
Cleverson Leal, Fred Palacio
Account Management
Roberta Reigado
Post Production
Lobo / Vetor Zero
Marcos Smirkoff, Danilo Enoki, Vander Zafalon
Animation and Render
Cleverson Leal, Fred Palacio
Cleverson Leal, Fred Palacio
Paulo Nogueira, Richard Maegaki
Cleverson Leal
Sound Design