Mateus de Paula Santos

Mateus is one of Lobo’s founders, together with Nando Cohen. A graduate in Graphic Design from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, he started his career at MTV Brasil, and soon decided to open his own studio. The stylistic flair and contemporaneity of Lobo’s work soon called the attention of Vetor Zero, who in 1999 proposed to them a partnership that provided the fledgling studio with a solid foundation, allowing them to establish themselves as serious players in the motion graphics market, both locally and internationally. After gathering several awards at festivals like Cannes, One Show and D&AD, Mateus and Nando expanded Lobo’s operation into live action territory, setting up a full-on film production unit capable of handling all aspects of movie making.

t h a t s
a l l
f o l k s !
t h a n k
y o u
f o r
w a t c h i n g