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Chicago Public Library “Bedtime Stories”

Bedtime Stories is an app developed in partnership between ConTextos and the Chicago Public Library that aims to connect incarcerated parents and their children through the power of story time. With Bedtime Stories, inmates can make audio recordings of themselves reading children’s books, which their kids can pick up at the library and then read along with the parent’s audio.

At its core, the app is designed to recreate the experience of reading together for child and parent. It offers an immersive experience for the child, with interactive features and functionality embedded to aid in the development of literacy.

Our mission was to create an animated intro film that plays upon opening the app, in order to provide a whimsical and comforting experience that sets the mood for the special moment when the child will hear their parent’s voice. The animation unfolds in a free-flowing, dreamlike pace, carrying the viewer through a contemplative journey that comes across many classic elements from children’s books: dragons, unicorns, spaceships, giant beanstalks and so on. The environments were built in 3D, with a great sense of depth, while the graphics are flat, painterly and stylized, alluding to pop-up books – a reference that appeals to children as well as to their parents.

We were very touched by the idea behind Bedtime Stories, and felt honored to contribute to the initiative in a way that hopefully will make the experience even more magical.

This project is also special for us because it’s the first LOBO production co-directed by the new member of our roster, Isabela Littger. After working on numerous LOBO films as a freelance concept artist and storyboarder, and earning her Masters at one of the most prestigious animation schools in the world, GOBELINS l’école de l’image in Paris, Isa has finally signed on as full-time director of animation.

Stills & Concept Art

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FCB Chicago
Isabela Littger & Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer
Luis Ribeiro
Head of Production
Clara Morelli
Pablo Zurita
Karina Zambelli
Post-Production Coordinator
Rosangela Gomes
Post-Production Coordinator Assistant
Bruna Boretto
Antonio Soares Neto
Art Director
Felipe Jornada
Visual Development
Pedro Jones, Stephanie Arcas, Julio Saez, Vencys Lao
Animation and Technical Director
Felipe Frazão
Motion Design
Bruno Ferrari, Guilherme Diniz, James Vaccari, Marccos Chaves, Murilo Coda, Paulo Quinhone, Rodrigo Peres, Thomas Mena
2D Animation
Chan Tong Yun, Gabrielle Paparelli, Gian Burani
360° Image Composition
Leandro Pena