Lightning Orchard

SUPERCELL “Clash Mini Xmas”

LOBO and game developers Supercell have struck a fruitful relationship lately through Lightning Orchard agency for the  first two Hay Day Pop, with another full-CG animated spot promoting their newest releases in a xmas mood.

“Clash Mini”, on the other hand, has an epic, thunderous feel, announcing the release of the newest entry to Supercell’s successful franchise Clash of Clans. Here we see the usual gang of knights, barbarians, archers and goblins battling it out on what is revealed at the end to be a tabletop game board, being manipulated by the actual characters from the Clash universe.

In addition to the films, LOBO also delivered over 200 rendered poses and other still assets, to be used by their marketing team in all sorts of promotional material.

We were very happy with the opportunity to work with the signature Supercell visual style, especially their characters, with their visually charming designs, yet full of punch and personality. Their tactile look and feel led itself perfectly to the work we accomplished with the textures and shading of the models, creating some fantastic yet tangible worlds.

Stills & Concept Art

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Franck Falgueyrac, Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer
Luis Ribeiro
Post Production Sup
Clara Morelli, Rosangela Gomes, Cristiane Santos
Assist Post Production
Bruna Boretto
Lead Producer
Susan Constantine
Post Production Producer
Karen de Moura
Head 3D
Fabio Shiguemura
3D Leads
Diego Esteves, Lucas Lira
Post Production Producer Assist
Beatriz Brandão, Melina Prior
3D Animation Lead
Graciliano Camargo, Jorge Zagatto Neto
3D Animation
Sté Kajimoto, Daniel Bahia
Lead 3D Modeling
Tiago Mesquita
3D Rigging
Flavio Castello, Felipe Gimenes, Henrique Ribeiro
3D Modeling
Nathan Zuanaci,Tiago Mesquita, Adam Pierre
Rafael Tomazzi, George Damiani,Diego Esteves, Mauricio Pirillo, Thiago Peretto, Adam Pierre
Rafael Tomazzi, Mauricio Pirillo
Digital Match Painting
Montalvo Machado, Ricardo Riamonde
3D Simulation
Sacha Carletti,Thales Natan
Lead Composition
Leandro Pena
Isabela Ferrari, Leonardo da Silva
Lead R&D
Filipe Lopes
Carlos Sanches, Janaina Carvalho, Gabriel Valderramos, Filipe Lopes
Estevão Santos, Bruno Ronzani
Cadu Pennachin, Matheus Ruiz
Sound Effects
Paulo Beto