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It’s important to have knowledge in anatomy and know how to emphasize details of shape, proportion, and functionality. In the case of products, high fidelity in every sense is needed.


The modeler will work with human and animal characters, and in the case of Hard Surface, the modeler will work with mechanical objects like vehicles and machines, scenarios, and props.


Besides the artistic knowledge, the modeler must have technical knowledge of mechanisms, and a good understanding of what a model needs to be prepared for rig and animation, like loops, UVs, etc.


It’s desired that the modeler can also develop the looks and knows how to use tools to create shaders and textures, like Substance Painter and Photoshop. Our characters currently have hair and fur, so it’s important to know about Grooming.


Fashion? Yes! Modeling clothes to characters is also needed, and we use Marvelous Design for that.




- Maya

- zBrush

- Yeti

- xGen

- Substance Painter

- Photoshop

- Marvelous Designer

- Unreal Engine (not mandatory)

3D Modeler

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