Isabela Littger

Isabela (“Isa”) Littger is a Brazilian filmmaker who graduated from Ringling College of Art in 2015. Her graduation student film None or That received a student grant in 2015 and was a BAFTA finalist in 2016. After graduation she started working as a concept artist and storyboarder for two years, at Vetor Zero where her passion for storytelling grew stronger. This passion fueled her decision to apply for the Gobelin’s Masters program in character animation and animated filmmaking, from which she graduated in 2019 which after Isabela began working as a freelance director and art director, and in 2020 started working as a full time director at Lobo.

t h a t s
a l l
f o l k s !
t h a n k
y o u
f o r
w a t c h i n g