Gabriel Dietrich

Gabriel Dietrich boasts extensive experience in lifestyle commercials, beauty, and films with special effects. With a background experience in post-production and a unique vision, Gabriel has collaborated with leading brands such as Nike, Natura, Tresemmé, Hering, among others. Gabriel has also worked internationally for the LVMH group on projects in Paris and Shanghai. His work has been recognized in the music video sector, directing for artists like Criolo, Manu Gavassi, Duda Beat, Jão, and Thiago Pethit, with the latter's video shot in Los Angeles. Gabriel has received the audience choice award at the Music Video Festival (m-v-f-) for Criolo's “Etérea” video. His speciality lies in crafting images that blend design and aesthetic finesse, focusing on beauty. His most recent project with Manu Gavassi went viral on social media, achieving 20 million views in 24 hours, marking a significant milestone for the Brazilian market.

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